1. Search on the website



      - The Ministry of Information and Communication's electronic portal:

      Example guide on the site:

   a) Lookup postcode with the name of the object assigned code (wards / communes and equivalent administrative units, points of service in the public post network, postal network serving the Communist Party of Vietnam, Vietnamese agencies, mass organizations, diplomatic missions and international organizations in Vietnam.

      In the "Search" box, enter the name "Object code assignment"

      Example 1: 

      + In the "Search" box, enter "Lieu Giai Ward", the result is the postcode of Lieu Giai Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi is 11106

        + In the "Search" box, enter "Swiss Consulate General", the postcode of the Consulate General of Switzerland is 70222.

   b) Lookup to identify the object assigned in the case of postcode

      Example 2: 

      + In the "Search" box, enter "10046", the result of the code object is assigned Ministry of Information and Communication

        + In the "Search" box, enter "90251", the result of the object is assigned code is My Luong Post Office, Cho Moi district, An Giang province

2. How to write postcode

     1. Address of postal service users (senders and recipients) must be clearly displayed on postal items (letter envelopes, packages or packet of good) on relevant documentation.

      2. Postcode is an indispensable element in the address of the postal service user (sender and receiver), followed by the name of the province / city and separated from the name of the province / city  at least one blank character.

      3. Postcode must be clearly printed or hand-written.

      4For postal items which have a dedicated cell for postcode at the address of the sender, the recipient shall specify the postcode, in which each cell should only contain one digit and the digits must be clearly written to be readable and not be stripped.


Form 1: Postal items  have not a dedicated cell for postcode



Form 2: Postal items  have dedicated cell for postcode